March 31, 2017


Auto glass

Exclusive business opportunities for windshield distributors

Approximately 1800000 cars sold India every year and total no of cars, jeep, taxis registered in India is 28600000 till 2015-2016.  If only .5% of the whole number of cars in India replace one car glass in a year then minimum demand in the market is 143000 windshield and glasses. So it is very easy to understand there is a very good scope of business for windshield distributors. We are looking for dealerships and workshops from around the country to engage in stocking and trading of windshield and auto glasses. It would be our pleasure to assist and guide you in providing windshield replacement services. We also technically assist you in setting up of the workshop for windshield replacement and can also provide training to your staff in on customer site windshield replacement. We also provide exclusive discounts on bulk orders.

We, at AutoGlassExpert, believe in collective growth, from supplying all types of car glasses for various models on the need basis to providing bulk orders for stockists at competitive prices, we care for our customers in every avenue of their business. At present we are supplying to over 60 workshops and dealers across the country and hope to expand to more than a hundred dealers by the end of the year. So come and be a part of our network at AutoGlassExpert, a one-stop solution for all your requirements of automobile glass.

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