How to protect luxury car’s windshield from scratches?

luxury car's windshield


Scratches are one the main reason for road accidents in the night. Generally, scratches appear on windscreen due to our own carelessness. Luxury car’s windshield are very expensive so it becomes very important to protect it from scratches. There are some easy tips for the protection of windshield of all brands of cars:
• Keep your windshield clean. Due to dust Wiper blade make scratches on the windshield. Always keep your car windshield clean (free from dust).Always use a thoroughly wet cotton cloth to clean auto glass. Also clean wipers thoroughly. Never start wiper immediately as rain starts, wait for a moment and let the windshield be properly wet.

• Never run the wipers on a dry windshield. Dry running of wiper one of the most occurring reasons of windshield scratches. Dust particle and dry hard wipers create scratches on the dry windshield. Again I will say Keep windshield clean and wipers soft to keep windshield scratches free even after the accidental dry run.
• Always keep your wiper fluid Bottle filled and working properly. If you use wiper fluid occasionally, then you can have scratches on the windshield if uses it after a very long time. Even the bottle is filled with water and shampoo mix dirt can block spray nozzle and when you will try to clean dry wiper will work and make scratches on glass. So it is always recommended you should use car’s water pump wiper spray once in a week (Initially use with lifted wipers when fluid comes on windshield then put wiper on it and then press spray again to clean it properly. In this way, you will always have knowledge that your pump is filled with fluid and working properly or not and you will never get your windshield damaged accidentally.

• Inspect wipers regularly. If they are worn out or hardened, replace them. It is more economical to replace wiper blades than a windshield. Check the clips to make sure they are locked in place. Loose clips allow blades to twist which create scratches on glass.
• Wiper blades Cleaning method If your windshield wiper blades are dirty, they will make scratches on your glass instead of cleaning it. Make a solution of 50ml of household ammonia to the one-litre cold water. Gently lift the blades, and wipe both sides with a soft cloth or paper napkin soaked in the solution. (You can also use 1 spoon (5ml) of any dish washing liquid instead of ammonia). Then wipe the blades with a dry cloth before lowering them into place. This will make wiper blade clean and soft.
• Windshield cleaning without water: if you are driving on a route where you are not getting water easily and you do not have in the car also, then you can use your baby’s wipes to clean or feminine hygiene maxi-pads from the non-sticky side to clean the glass.

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